Unique artworks made from my
own Scottish sheep .


busy day.

Posted by [email protected] on November 9, 2011 at 3:25 PM

   Well ,iv'e had a busy day today ,first of all had a dentist appointment this morning for two fillings ! been meaning to have them done for ages now .

started my latest wool pic ,quite pleased with it so far whilst i was busy doing that the phone rang but i missed it message from newspaper wanting me to contact them for photos and interveiw !!

within the hour phone rang again ..this time i answered it radio station wanting to do interveiw over the phone i didn't realize i was doing it 'til it was done ,good job really because i would have been too nervous to do it otherwise !

Before the day was out i had done a radio interview ,had numerous newspapers wanting to come and do interviews and photos ....and to finish it off S.T.V rang me to ask if they could come and film me and my work for News programme !

Well it was a busy day ............and i did in fact feature on the Scottish T.V. News programme a few weeks later .

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